Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How to stop the deportation of asylum seekers in Sri Lanka immediately

It is very sad that Sri Lanka is deporting asylum seekers without realizing that their life will be in extreme danger in Pakistan.
Sri Lankan Govt earlier proposed that all of them should be kept in a separate living facility till their claims are assessed by UNHCR. UNHCR however turned down the suggestion on the grounds of non availability of funds to pay for their expenses.

I have a suggestion the asylum seekers can pay for their own expenses --- Why not --- after all even now when they shiver with fear of being caught, they are paying heavily for their rented places and are paying for all their needs.

I know refugees & asylum seekers who have spent millions of rupees in Sri Lanka including myself. 

When the asylum seekers are arrested everything in the house goes away. They lose all their belongings including their freedom and sometimes hope to live. We are not draining out the resources of Sri Lanka we have been drained out of all we had.
I request Sri Lankan Govt and UNHCR to give a second thought to my suggestion. Do not deport asylum seekers. Just keep them in a safe facility and let them pay for their own expenses.  Give them a chance to live. Give a chance to UNHCR to assess their need for international protection

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