Thursday, December 26, 2013

Praise to God we have thousands of supporters around the world

We love our supporters
Days in our life are dark
Full of sadness and of strife

When I am blue carrying my cross
When life is tiresome
And worries consume my day
When uncertainty turns to fear
And dreams begin to flyaway

When the enemy limits my ability
and hope is sky away
there you shine in my dark lonely world
proving once again, that not all angels are gone away
Thank you for being an angel for beings all we have

Here the details of our beautiful loving supporters:

Amala Khan538,997 views

Save the life of two innocent sisters: 23,121 views

Mother Mary's daughter bleeds: 18,661 views

Let Sadia Live: 971 views
Save Pakistani blogger Sadia Khan: 876 members
Save the life of two blogger sisters  :430 members
Save the life of brave Pakistani blogger: 227 likes

 We want asylum for Sadia: 203 likes

 Wakeup Human Rights Watch: 151 likes

Please join to save our life

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