Saturday, November 30, 2013

UNHCR and helpless christian family

I have written on Human Rights issues involving security forces of Pakistan.
We are wanted by Pakistan.

Unfortunately UNHCR and Sri Lanka are playing a very negative role in my case. UNHCR knows 100 percent that we will be hanged to death in Pakistan, yet is very reluctant to grant us asylum.

UNHCR has always played double games with us.

Sri lankan authorities took us to the detention center. We spent one month in the detention center.  They confiscated our passports our valuables and all our belongings.

I kept asking the Sri Lankan authorities and UNHCR what was our crime.... got no answer.

We were secretly told by some officer in the detention center that Sri Lankan Government is involving us in made up cases.  I also came to know that there is a full understanding between Sri Lankan authorities and UNHCR to full fill the demand of Pakistan.
Controller General of immigration Mr. W. A. C. Perera,   

We were horrified and fled from the detention center.
Another era of sufferings started after that. We went from one city to another hiding from the police and searching for a proper place to hide.... Its a painful story, my little sister broke her hand while getting off from a train. Its very hard to get a place in a hotel or in a house without passports. We brought a lot of money from Pakistan which is about to finish.

Few days back our house owner physically attacked me and my little sister. We also fled from his house.
We keep UNHCR updated with all our miseries but seems like they are to loyal to the people who have bought our death.. I requested UNHCR Geneva to decide my case but they don't want to, the reason is clear, its always wise to make a weaker person responsible for a larger crime...
I have written a 1000 emails to Chief of UN High Commissioner UNHCR António Guterres

I have also sent hundreds of Emails to the so called Human rights groups including Amnesty international,  Human rights watch and different embassies begging for protection, but to no avail.

We are walking dead. My little 11 years old sister Amala Khan is exhausted with the efforts to save our life. She,who should be playing with dolls, is busy doing a serious business of saving our lives. She has started different campaigns on face book google plus and but nothing has worked so far.
She gets up at night and start sleep talking about UNHCR, embassies emails, facebook and asylum.

UNHCR and Sri Lanka have drilled holes in our hearts. I can never forgive them.
We are hiding. We live in fear.
I appealed to the President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Chief justice of Sri Lanka to save our lives but to no avail.
I keep begging UNHCR to take us out from this red zone.

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