Saturday, November 30, 2013

UNHCR changed our life

How UNHCR changed our life

Written by Amala Khan

My sister wrote on human rights issues. Pakistan being a strict army Generals did not like it. They contacted Friendly Sri Lanka.  We were kept in illegal detention for one month.
In the detention center some softhearted officers told us that are being charged with crimes. We fled from the detention center and since 4 months we are on the run. We live in fear. We have been harassed by drunk house owner. We are almost finished with our money.
My sister sadia made a hundreds of calls to Human rights organizations including UNHCR. She told them that we are trapped. They are all deaf dumb and blind. No body helped us.
We live in this small room. When we were in Karachi our servants had better room than this.

Now we are on the run. We are hiding from Sri Lankan authorities. Our crime is that we loved peace.

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