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UNHCR in Sri Lanka gives confidential information to the Defence Ministry?

By http://www.salem-news.com/articles/june292012/asysum-seekers.php

Diplomatic circles are currently discussing whether the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) office in Sri Lanka was providing information on foreign refugees to the Defence Ministry.
The reason is the directive issued by the Immigration and Emigration Department under the Defence Ministry that all 150 refugees from Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan leave Sri Lanka within four days. What was most troubling was the fact their reference numbers at the UNHCR office had been included in the letters sent to these refugees by the Department. These numbers had been given to the Defence Ministry by the UNHCR office in Colombo.
These persons who have been asked leave the country live in difficult conditions at the Grand Mosque in Negombo.
According to the agreement between Sri Lanka and the UNHCR, the Sri Lankan government does not have the mandate to deport any refugee who is registered with the UNHCR.
Some of the persons if deported back to Iran would directly fall into the prisons maintained of Iranian President Ahamadinejad, who is a close friends of the Rajapaksas.
Also, their deportation would be in violation of the UN policies.
In the event the Rajapaksa government deports these people who are registered with the UNHCR, the matter is to be taken up at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva.
The local officer who is employed as the head of providing for the refugees earning a foreign wage is Rajapaksa loyalist and Reuter’s cameraman Waruna Karunathileka’s wife, Menik Amerasinghe. There are so far no records of action taken by her to safeguard the rights of these refugees.

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Delaney Brown dies peacefully on Christmas Eve 2013

Daily mail report

Thousands of carolers surround home of dying girl, 8, to fulfill her wish for a massive Christmas sing-along

  • Delaney Brown suffers from a rare form of childhood cancer called acute myeloid leukemia with monosomy 7
  • She was given just days to live by doctors last week

Thousands of Christmas carolers gathered Saturday evening too sing outside the home of a terminally ill Pennsylvania 
The singers are fulfilling one of 8-year-old Delaney Brown's wishes: a huge holiday sing-along outside her West Reading home. 
Delaney was diagnosed with a rare of leukaemia in May and given just days to live on Wednesday.

Last wish: Thousands gathered Saturday evening outside the West Reading, Pennsylvania home of 8-year-old Delaney Brown, who is dying from a rare form of cancer
Last wish: Thousands gathered Saturday evening outside the West Reading, Pennsylvania home of 8-year-old Delaney Brown, who is dying from a rare form of cancer
'I can hear you now!!! Love you!': Delaney showed her appreciation for the throng of Christmas well-wishers in a Facebook post on Saturday night as she lay stuck in her bed

'I can hear you now!!! Love you!': Delaney showed her appreciation for the throng of Christmas well-wishers in a Facebook post on Saturday night as she lay stuck in her bed

Touching: Over 4,000 people said they'd attend Delaney's sing-along and photos show a huge crowd outside the ailing 8-year-old's Pennsylvania home
Touching: Over 4,000 people said they'd attend Delaney's sing-along and photos show a huge crowd outside the ailing 8-year-old's Pennsylvania home

Saturday’s Christmas miracle came just one day after her eighth birthday, when Delaney fulfilled another wish by speaking with pop superstar Taylor Swift via video chat.
On her Team Laney Facebook page, a picture of Delaney giving two thumbs up was accompanied by the text, ‘I can hear you now!!! Love you!’

The heart-warming event was born after Delaney’s family heard her grim prognosis last week, which her mother shared via Facebook.
‘Today we were told the worst news of our lives,’ wrote Delaney’s mom Jennifer Brown. ‘Laney has 70% cancer cells in her blood. If they would treat the cancer the virus that she has would kill her. And if they treat the virus the cancer will kill her.’
Rare: Delaney has a serious and very rare form of childhood leukemia called acute myeloid leukemia (AML) with monosomy 7
Rare: Delaney has a serious and very rare form of childhood leukemia called acute myeloid leukemia (AML) with monosomy 7
Bucket list: Another wish on Delaney's bucket list was to be a baby sitter, which she got to fulfill last week when a friend of the family brought over their 7-week-old baby for her to watch over, though it left her weak
Bucket list: Another wish on Delaney's bucket list was to be a baby sitter, which she got to fulfill last week when a friend of the family brought over their 7-week-old baby for her to watch over, though it left her weak


Brave: The brave little girl has remained upbeat, her parents say, and was even courageous enough to mark off another wish from her list--to pet an alligator
Delaney suffers from a rare form of childhood cancer called acute myeloid leukemia with monosomy 7, ‘making her quite rare,’ according to the Facebook page.
Just 10 children a year are diagnosed with the illness in America.
The sweet but tough little girl, who loves fashion and swimming in the ocean, has now been through five rounds of radiation and a stem cell transplant. 
Photos of the beautiful gathering, which over 4,000 people indicated on Facebook they’d attend, show throngs of supporters outside Delaney’s home—many in Santa hats and holding candles as they gave the brave girl her Christmas wish.

Delaney was diagnosed with leukemia in May and has since undergone five rounds of radiation and a stem cell transplant
Delaney was diagnosed with leukemia in May and has since undergone five rounds of radiation and a stem cell transplant
Thousands have started to follow Delaney's Facebook page Team Delaney since her diagnosis and her family used it to bring a crowd of carolers to their home on Saturday night

Thousands have started to follow Delaney's Facebook page Team Delaney since her diagnosis and her family used it to bring a crowd of carolers to their home on Saturday night
Singer Taylor Swift, who grew up in the neighboring town of  Wyomissing, also helped Delaney knock an item off her bucket list.
The Make-A-Wish Foundation helped connect Swift with the Brown family last week when it became clear that Delaney has very little time left.
‘Laney was so nervous to talk to her because she is such a ‘famous celebrity,’ Jennifer Brown wrote on Facebook. ‘I was actually worried that when Taylor Facetimed her that she would be to scared to talk but Taylor was fabulous!! She really engaged Laney in conversation. Laney lit up and had a huge smile on her face. I can't thank Taylor enough.’

'Prior to her cancer she was a normal kid,' writes Delaney's mother. 'Spent as much time as possible at the pool or in the ocean. She also loved to dance in ballet. She loves animal prints, hot pink, and she has a special eye for fashion!'

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Difference between sin and crime

Persecution of Pakistani Christian family in Sri Lanka

Date: Sunday, November 17, 2013
Originally posted by http://www.christianpost.com/news/pakistani-christian-family-in-hiding-pleads-for-un-help-fears-for-lives-108210/
A Pakistani Christian family currently in hiding and living in poor condition in Sri Lanka are pleading with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to grant them refugee status, as they fear they might be killed if they are brought back to Pakistan.

"We need help," 29-year old Sadia Khan directly stated to The Christian Post in a phone interview on Tuesday. "We are now seven months in hiding."

Khan, along with her 11-year-old sister Amala, and their mother, converted to Christianity in Pakistan several years ago. She then began writing a book about terrorism, and according to investigative work she carried out, she found out that allegedly several Pakistani generals and security officials have been supportive of terrorist activities.

The Christian family fled to Sri Lanka in January 2012 after fearing their lives might be in danger, and Sadia was accused of being a spy for India by the Sri Lankan government, who reported her in every police station as a wanted high profile criminal. In Sri Lanka, however, they were held under detention for a month, and had their passports and other possessions confiscated.

In April, they left detention and have been in hiding in Sri Lanka ever since, afraid that they might face the death penalty if brought back to Pakistan.

"After seven months of exhausting hiding my mother left us and once again begged UNHCR to give us asylum," Khan explained to CP.

"She came back empty handed to the empty house which we had left due to the fear of being caught. Now separated from our mother we live in a different location and everyday fear death."

The family hope that UNHCR will finally take up their cause and help them find asylum, but so far they say they haven't received much hope that the international agency will take action.

"We are so helpless, I can't explain (how much.) Can you imagine, two governments are after us," Khan concluded.

The sisters have written about their ordeal on several blogs, hoping to raise awareness for their cause and get the U.N.'s attention.

A Google + community with over 250 members has also been set up in their support under the title "Save the Life of Two Blogger Sisters."

"If we get arrested they will definitely kill us as they do not have any proof against us. They will not hold any trial against us, as UNHCR, human rights groups, including Amnesty International, know about these charges and will follow the trial. Sri Lankan authorities will secretly kill us as they cannot prove anything against us," Sadia Khan wrote in a letter addressed to Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Chief Of Army Staff Ashfaq Parvez Kayani.

Persecution watchdog group Open Doors ranked Pakistan at number 14 on their 2013 World Watch List of worst persecutors of Christians.

"Christians are caught between Islamic militant organizations, an Islamizing culture and a weak government with a military complicit in fuelling Islamic militants," Open Doors wrote about Pakistan, and brought up other cases of blasphemy that are often used to try and suppress religious freedom.

"Many persecuted Christians are uneducated manual workers who suffer unfair treatment from employers. Muslim men continue to sexually assault underage Christian girls. Opening a new church building is virtually impossible and emigration of Christians continues."

Persecution of Pakistani blogger Sadia Khan

We converted to Christianity.

I was writing a book on terrorism, some people who came to know about this wanted to kill me. I fled to Sri Lanka along with my mother and my little sister on 1st January 2012.

We got registered with UNHCR.

I wrote about sensitive issues involving Pakistan security forces on my website with an anonymous name of Khizra and remained safe for 1 year.

Over estimating the protection of UNHCR in 2013 I started writing with my own name and disclosed everything about myself.

Pakistan ISI immediately contacted friendly Sri lankan Government to trap us.

They kept us in illegal detention for 1 month.

We came to know that SIS head and CID special team was investigating about us.

I was declared an Indian spy.

Our passports and everything we had was confiscated

We fled from the detention center and ever since live in hiding
UNHCR refused to give us asylum as Sr Lankan Government declared me a criminal.

We are enlisted in all the police Stations in Sri Lanka as wanted high profile criminals.

I wrote an open letter to President of Sri Lanka and the chief Justice of Sri Lanka to help me but to no avail.

After fleeing from the detention I contacted Pakistan High commission and ask them to help me.

They agreed with me that I was innocent and wanted to help me. They contacted the higher authorities in Pakistan who refused to forgive me.

After that Pakistan High Commission only tried to convince me to pay a visit to the Embassy they also tried to trace my location but due to the use of Blackberry could not trace me

We started a campaign on social media (google plus facebook) to save our life and have many supporters all over the world.

During this time we kept begging UNHCR to give us asylum but they refused due to the Sri Lankan Government involvement.

I wrote to Sri Lankan newspapers but they were too scared to publish my story.

I wrote an open letter in Pakistan daily times to General Kayani and PM Nawaz Sharif to help me but to no avail. It got published in September 30, 20 13 but was later removed from the internet.  http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=2013%5C09%5C30%5Cstory_30-9-2013_pg7_10#.UlFxZfibtTg.blogger,

In a desperate effort to save our life I cut my self very badly and put it on YouTube, no one helped.

My mother left from hiding and went to UNHCR to beg them once again to have mercy on us and save our life. We left the place due to the fear of authorities. that was the last time we saw her. 

Now We are extremely exhausted with 7 months of hiding and with the fruitless efforts to live....

Finally Our night mare came to an end, On November 27, 2013 UNHCR  gave me asylum. 3 months later my mother and my little sister also got refugee status.
We are still in Sri Lanka and want to move to our new country as soon as possible.

Jerusalem Jerusalem, your daughter bleeds in Sri Lanka

Pashtuns are the lost children of Israel

With our souls injured we try to survive

Minutes of meeting with UNHCR and Sri Lanka by an Asylum Seeker

 Inside UNHCR and Sri Lanka

A must read for all those who are facing persecution in their country and are planning to seek Asylum.

I was writing a book on terrorism in Pakistan. According to my field work and findings Pakistan ISI was supporting terrorists at a very large scale. They were being used as civilian army to fulfill their political dream of bringing Khilafat to Pakistan.. Upon receiving serious threat to our life we fled to Sri Lanka on 1st January 2012.

Unable to publish my book, I started my website and started writing about very sensitive human rights issues mainly involving Pakistan Security forces. Pakistan did not like it.

After a few days we went and got registered with UNHCR Colombo.

UNHCR staff member a translator met us in Macdonald’s Clolpetia  and told us that we should go back to Pakistan as UNHCR will not give us asylum.

We were very upset and I posted that on UNHCR Facebook.
I talked to a protection officer Tanga about it. She was alarmed she took a promise from me that I would not talk about it.

Our interview with UNHCR was delayed for a very long time.
Finally we were called for an interview after a year.

Interview was exactly the opposite of what I was expecting from UNHCR.

However the translator lady once the harbinger of a bad news was very professional and the one conducting the interview was just the opposite.

She was shouting, no eye contact no judgement skills above all not really interested. She asked me about my unpublished book on terrorism, I told her it’s in my Google Docs, she did not ask me to produce it though I could have done it right there, yet made it my failure point that I did not show her the book.
Her last question
“where were you living in Pakistan ” was very disappointing. 
After this interview UNHCR failed us.

I knew ISI would not spare me and my family and would kill us if we are sent back to Pakistan.

Horrified I started contacting UNHCR and through many emails I tried to explain my highly precarious situation.

I got very negative signals from UNHCR felt alarmed and very insecure.

My church Brother arranged a lawyer for me for my appeal against the initial decision of UNHCR.
However after listening to my story and going through my blog the lawyer looked visibly upset, perhaps he found it hard to help a girl who has written extensively about Sri Lankan friendly Pakistan Security forces.

We started receiving wrong calls. I was followed on the road. I knew I was exposed. Now No need to hide my identity, I started blogging with my own name.

 We went to women in need center and asked for shelter, they agreed but later changed their mind after speaking to UNHCR staff.

They were told by UNHCR Colombo in advance that we were failed with UNHCR though I had just filed an appeal against the initial decision of the UNHCR.

I called the senior protection officer MR. Gregory Balke he got very upset and kept telling me that it was very wrong to call him on his cell. He said ‘”You will be called to the office for an interview or for other reasons” it was an indication that we might not get a chance for an appeal interview and will be called to receive another failure decision.

I Started Looking for options to stay in Sri Lanka.

On Saturday 9th March 2013 a bunch of immigration officers around 20 of them came to our rented house in Colombo.
They were banging and kicking on the door and threatened to break the door open. They had no lady officer with them and had no right to enter in a house with no male family members in it.

We did not open the door, instead took our documents and money and taking a risk for our life jumped from the 2nd floor balcony in to the neighbor’s house. We went to another city Kandy.

We stayed there for few days and kept calling UNHCR.
UNHCR protection officer told me

 “Do not do a drama come back to your home. you are registered with UNHCR, immigration cannot touch you”

As told we came back and were very much touched.We were arrested by the help of the well briefed taxi drivers present there and a traffic police man. I fell down crowd present there touched me all over. Someone pulled my heavy gold chain.

Immigration officers arrived very late and took us to Dahi wala police station.

They kept joking with each other about our earlier escape.
Police officials present there looked very sympathetic to us. They kept telling us that we have no problem with us. It is immigration matter and they can’t interfere.

 We were taken to Mirihana detention center. An officer shouted at me
 “you give our information to India.’’ I was shocked I don’t know a single person from India I am a stranger in Sri Lanka with zero knowledge of their places and language what was he talking about.

Mr Amit Prerara of immigration took our passports and UNHCR stay permit letter. What happened to our valuables and all we had at home still remains unanswered.

When he walked away with our passports in his hands, my heart sank.

I called UNHCR .They were hiding.

 It was UNHCR staff who persuaded us to come back to our home. I lost all my trust in them. 

UNHCR was neither answering my emails nor my calls.
We were told by an officer in the Detention center that deportation case is being filed against us To my horror I came to know that we were being involved in madeup cases.

We were told by the immigration officials and Detention camp staff,

“ISI Head contacted Sri Lankan intelligence Head about You

Siri Laankan intelligence  Head is investigating about you
CID special team is involved in your case”

We were accused of being spies of India.

Head of intelligence and Defence Gotabhaya Rajapaksa 

I was scared to death and had a minor heart attack. I stayed in the hospital for four days.

I called UNHCR Geneva from the hospital and spoke to the official responsible for Sri Lanka. He spoke to me very kindly and promised me that he will talk to UNHCR Colombo.

The next day when I called him he had already spoken to UNHCR Colombo, he banged the phone on me.

I did not give up and tried to explain through my emails and phone calls to Geneva UNHCR that they should decide my case by them as Sri Lankan Government was directly involved in my case and UNHCR local staff was under great pressure. 

I started calling Human rights organizations for Refugees in Sri Lanka, all of them told me they were only working for internally displaced people.

A doctor in the hospital told me that they have been told that I am a spy and should be discharged as soon as possible.

I called Brother Andrew and asked for his help. He said, "Police came to my house to know about you, now you have been declared  a criminal and it’s a crime to help criminals”

My ECG report was not clear, and with hyper cholesterol level I was sent back to the detention center. My Eco report was withheld.

We stayed in the illegal detention for one month as if UNHCR did not exist.

Finally, out of three of us only I was called for an appeal interview.

The interviewer was under great stress. I came from the detention center but surprisingly the lady who was interviewing me was in no better condition than I was.

She told me that she will not record the interview, when I objected she agreed to make a recording.

She threw her 1st question which was very well prepared and had another set of multiple sub questions attached with it. She was supposed to ask me all these questions one by one but she chose to ask all of them in one go. I tried my best to answer the main question and the multiple attached questions, she was shouting, an argument started and she closed the recording machine for a while.

She was bent upon discussing my life in Pakistan while after coming to Sri Lanka threat to our life had increased many folds. She did not want to talk about the fact that Pakistani friendly Government of Sri Lanka has turned on us.

Horrified I spoke loudly about these genuine threats and requested UNHCR to protect us.

Her body language was of a helpless employee who knew that I was right but was asked to work on my failure.

In the end when the interview was over, she told me in a low tone.

I was told to go back to detention center. I refused and started crying very loudly but was forced to return.

I knew something very suspicious was going on.
I decided to flee from the detention center. I started going for early morning walks to be familiar with the place.
The area had hundreds of Police officials, It seemed impossible to flee from there but surprisingly police men were very friendly.

 It was not my smartness but their kindness that we 3 family members managed to get out from there. They clearly differentiated between criminals and fateful asylum seekers.
I love Sri Lankan Police.

In the beginning immigration officers were bent upon taking us to Boosa (jail) they were refused by the police department
As we left the detention center we went to a hotel to stay but I was extremely sick and was coughing very badly the hotel staff got very suspicious about us. We tricked them and left the hotel.

We went to Red Cross International office and asked for protection they refused to intervene with the big House (UNHCR) and advised us to go to UNHCR office which was closed by, We did not go there. We had no more trust in UNHCR Colombo.

We went from one place to another without knowing where we were going.

I kept calling UNHCR and kept updating them with our tender situation but they did not help.

UNHCR Geneva kept convincing me that we should go to UNHCR Colombo but we refused. We were once bitten a hundred times shy.

If we go there, they will give us the fail paper and call immigration officers secretly …….. So if there is no promise of asylum, there is no going to UNHCR.

Once we were physically attacked by a drunk house owner. We informed UNHCR nothing happened.

Another lady from UNHCR Geneva told me “’ your case is very complicated the decision can be positive as well as negative ‘’

After this I lost all my trust in UNHCR. I deleted all the articles written on sensitive issues. It was my work because of which UNHCR Google plus and Human rights watch Google plus and Unicef Google plus had added me to their limited friends circles but when I got trapped no one was there to help me. I remained in touch with Amnesty International UK and kept begging them to help me but to no avail.

Bottom line message I got from all these Human rights organizations was,

 “UNHCR is God we cannot interfere with them. They cannot make a mistake. If they do not accept you no one can save your life”.No body realized that UNHCR Sri Lanka staff was under pressure from their Government.

I was disappointed and due to extreme fear my weight went from 60 kg to 40 kg. My mother and my sister also lost lot of weight.

My little sister Amala who has amazing computer skills rose to the occasion. She told me that she will save us all. Now she is very active on the internet running a campaign to save our life.

Once again I started looking for options to stay in Sri Lanka.
I called Deputy Controller of Immigration; he immediately recognized me and asked about my location. I asked him whether he will return my passport if I send someone from my Church with authority letter, he said no. I further asked him if I get married to a foreigner will he return my passport so that I can leave Sri Lanka?... His answer was inhuman he said

“No, Why did you come to Sri Lanka”

Oh world tell me with nowhere to go, should we be buried alive?!

On Sunday September 1, 2013…. Another bomb shell fell on me. I was in touch with Mr Bandara Assistant Controller of immigration. I had earlier requested him to talk to authorities to give us asylum in Sri Lanka.
He told me,

“Special Forces are looking for you. Mr.Perera General Controller of immigration held a meeting with UNHCR Colombo on Wednesday in which Mr.Perera was clearly told by UNHCR that they are not granting you refugee status.”

He further told me,

“change Your  current location immediately  escape… escape.  this call must be getting traced. I will secretly give you your passports  run to India.”

I was horrified and had sudden pain in my chest. I became very sick. I am a patient of thyroid with heart problems. My little sister Amala called UNHCR Colombo and asked them what was going on. UNHCR had recently sent me n email informing me that my asylum decision has been taken and the information I will receive will be to my benefit. The big house failed to answer my 11 years old sister what conspiracy was being cooked between UNHCR and Sri Lankan authorities. All the human rights organizations including UNHCR know that we are in hiding for the last 5 months. We are walking dead with an alarming level of threat from Sri Lanka as we bleed they
choose to be silent spectators.

We are exhausted with hiding. My mother decided to go to UNHCR Colombo and beg them once more to protect us.  That was the last time we saw her. We were all crying as she left. She came back empty handed to the empty house. We left the place because of the fear of Sri Lankan authorities.
I bought a sharp knife and planned to stab myself in front of UNHCR.  Later I cancelled this as I thought That UNHCR will even then not help me.

I bought blades and cut myself in a live YouTube video. It was not to harm myself but to be known and to be helped. Nothing happened..

After few days UNHCR announced asylum for me.

It was 29th Noember 2014. By now I was exhausted with my struggles to live. I received an Email from Ilija Todorovic.  He was newly transferred to UNHCR Colombo. I had never heard of him. I called him. He informed me that he has granted Refugee status to me. I did not believe my ears and repeated his words. It was the happiest moment of my life.

Ilija Todorovic

On February 10 UNHCR finally gave asylum to my mother and my sister Amala also. It was again newly appointed Officer Ilija Todorovic who finally decided this case and did justice to us. I guess without him it was not possible. Our case was complicated, with 2 States Pakistan and Sri Lanka turned on us. UNHCR local staff was not powerful enough to say no to their Pakistan friendly Government.

UNHCR and the helpless Christian girls.

UNHCR and helpless christian family

I have written on Human Rights issues involving security forces of Pakistan.
We are wanted by Pakistan.

Unfortunately UNHCR and Sri Lanka are playing a very negative role in my case. UNHCR knows 100 percent that we will be hanged to death in Pakistan, yet is very reluctant to grant us asylum.

UNHCR has always played double games with us.

Sri lankan authorities took us to the detention center. We spent one month in the detention center.  They confiscated our passports our valuables and all our belongings.

I kept asking the Sri Lankan authorities and UNHCR what was our crime.... got no answer.

We were secretly told by some officer in the detention center that Sri Lankan Government is involving us in made up cases.  I also came to know that there is a full understanding between Sri Lankan authorities and UNHCR to full fill the demand of Pakistan.
Controller General of immigration Mr. W. A. C. Perera,   

We were horrified and fled from the detention center.
Another era of sufferings started after that. We went from one city to another hiding from the police and searching for a proper place to hide.... Its a painful story, my little sister broke her hand while getting off from a train. Its very hard to get a place in a hotel or in a house without passports. We brought a lot of money from Pakistan which is about to finish.

Few days back our house owner physically attacked me and my little sister. We also fled from his house.
We keep UNHCR updated with all our miseries but seems like they are to loyal to the people who have bought our death.. I requested UNHCR Geneva to decide my case but they don't want to, the reason is clear, its always wise to make a weaker person responsible for a larger crime...
I have written a 1000 emails to Chief of UN High Commissioner UNHCR António Guterres

I have also sent hundreds of Emails to the so called Human rights groups including Amnesty international,  Human rights watch and different embassies begging for protection, but to no avail.

We are walking dead. My little 11 years old sister Amala Khan is exhausted with the efforts to save our life. She,who should be playing with dolls, is busy doing a serious business of saving our lives. She has started different campaigns on face book google plus and change.org but nothing has worked so far.
She gets up at night and start sleep talking about UNHCR, embassies emails, facebook and asylum.

UNHCR and Sri Lanka have drilled holes in our hearts. I can never forgive them.
We are hiding. We live in fear.
I appealed to the President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Chief justice of Sri Lanka to save our lives but to no avail.
I keep begging UNHCR to take us out from this red zone.